5 Beautiful Places To Go - to keep the summer vibes going

It's official. Here in the northern hemisphere our days are now shorter than our nights. Now, you may be tempted to say goodbye to summer 2017 and wrap yourself up in every scarf you own, but it doesn't have to be over yet! Here are our top five picks for a summery getaway that will keep the summer vibes going! All perfectly gorgeous locations that are Instagram-gold.


#5 Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle 5.jpg

The city of Galle is full of history and it's colonial heritage makes for some jaw dropping architecture. Rich culture not sound the most summery to you? Don't forget that this romantic little gem is surrounded by glorious beaches and luscious rainforests! Is exotic a must-have for your summer getaway? If so, then Galle is the place for you!

Galle 3.jpg
Galle 4.jpg

#4 Maui

CCRK Shortcut Travels Road to Hana-75.jpg

Maui is an island full of things to do! Another island getaway that offers both beachy lounging and tropical hikes. With non-stop beautiful weather you can spend all day exploring the relatively untouched wilderness. And, don't worry, Maui still boasts all the comforts of home and a wide variety of delicious food! Maui is the perfect summer getaway for those of you looking for adventure.

CCRK Shortcut Travels Road to Hana-34-1.jpg
Maui 1.jpg

#3 Lamu, Kenya

Lamu 2.jpg

Our next summer destination is saturated with history. The oldest town in Kenya and a UNESCO world heritage site, Lamu is a perfect escape for those of you who love historically rich destinations. It's not just for history buffs, though. The city is actually on an island in the Arabian sea which can only mean one thing, beaches! So, whether you find your zen on the beach watching the sunset or exploring the dynamic culture, Lamu is the perfect retreat.

Lamu 3.jpg
Lamu 1.jpg

#2 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik 1.jpg

Dubrovnik is another town seeped in history, however it's gaining significance in a modern sense for it's frequent appearance in one of our founders' favourites, Game of Thrones! There are tours of the shooting locations for GOT as well as tours of the many islands off the coast. And, after touring the coastline during the day, Dubrovnik offers a vibrant night life and friendly locals. Dubrovnik is for you if you love summers full of energy and lots to do!

Dubrovnik 2.jpg
Dubrovnik 4.jpg

#1 Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh 2.jpg

If you have Instagram, you've probably seen photos of Marrakesh. Many travel bloggers have ventured here to capture photos of the colourful and texturally rich environment, and we don't blame them! Marrakesh is absolutely stunning and vibrant and still has it's own fair share of history. We recommend finding a rooftop to dine on so you can enjoy the whole city at once! If the perfect insta is at the top of your summer to do list, you and Marrakesh are a match made in heaven!

Marrakesh 4.jpg

Whether you're planning a last summer getaway or simply need some beautiful travel inspo to finally say goodbye to summer 2017, we hope this list helps you keep your summer vibes rolling! Let us know in the comments how you've kept summer going this year!