Styling Tips with Lark & Ives Trinket Dishes

Guys! You all love the trinket dishes we made SO MUCH! We are so grateful for all the love and support you've given us during this launch and we want to give you something back in return! So...



We have been hard at work making more trinket dishes to share with you and they will be available to purchase with your favourite Lark & Ives pins for one day this week! We will let you know on Instagram when the sale is BUT those of you keeners on our email list will hear about the sale an hour earlier! Since these dishes are all handmade by us the quantity is VERY limited so that hour will be vital!

To celebrate the flash sale and to inspire you and your soon-to-be-dish-holding hot little hands, we've put together some styling inspiration. Lark & Ives products are meant to beautify the space they inhabit and we especially love making things that photograph well. So, here are our tips on how to use the dishes to style your photos no matter what mood you're in!


The Makeup Artist

We love pairing the trinket dishes with our beauty routines. Whether you are a whiz with makeup brushes and can paint a fierce winged liner in 2.6 seconds flat or if you're a skin care goddess that surrounds yourself with serums and prefers showing off your natural glow, your favourite products pair perfectly with the dishes. Your counter or vanity is your artist's palette and the perfect setting for a Lark & Ives trinket dish!  



The DIY Fashion Genius

Someday's your ideal outfit is the one no one else has. Use the trinket dish to add interest to the background of your photo as you show off what brilliant idea you had that day. The dishes also work well to hold the pins close by, ready for your next stroke of DIY genius! 


The Professional Bruncher

Can we all agree that any late morning snack or cup of tea seems 10x more decadent? We like to call it the brunch effect! When a day finally comes where you get to pamper yourself and take your time to enjoy your morning, a trinket dish or two on your tray of treats are a sure way to help capture that perfect dreamy mood! 



The Correspondence Queen

We here at Lark and Ives totally believe in the power of stationary. Taking time to exchange postcards, letters, and lovely bits of inspiration with friends across the globe is a perfect way to share your love of beautiful things! The trinket dishes add a touch of whimsy and feminity to your desk scene, just in case your pen isn't quite as elegant as @pooi_chin.



The Fashionista

Girl. When you have the perfect outfit you have to share it! Despite our best efforts at meeting up with people on those days we look especially fabulous, you just can't possibly share your fashion brilliance with everyone. Taking a photo of your outfit allows you to share your look with as many people as possible! A trinket dish helps you include your jewelry in the photo without taking away from your carefully crafted aesthetic.



The Glitter Lover

We all have a jewelry collection and a gold gathering of your glittering favourites is a guaranteed Instagram hit. The Lark & Ives trinket dishes give smaller pieces their own space and keep them from getting lost in a sea of glamour. Our dishes even add glitz of their own! Try styling them with a tray for an extra modern look.


We hope these looks inspired you! We would love to see what you come up with, tag @larkandives #larkandives for a chance to be featured! And of course, don't forget to get your name on that mailing list!