10 (RIDICULOUSLY) Beautiful Desk Accessories

Have you been killing it lately? Or does your productivity need a boost? Either way we recommend rewarding/motivating yourself with a little treat for your office space. Here's a list of 10 beautiful stationary items we're currently lusting after...



Strike Gold Stapler

Kate Spade

Kate Spade - Strike Gold Stapler.jpeg

Acrylic has never looked more stunning! This Kate Spade stapler has us swooning. We are in love with the gold of course, the clean lines and delicate details just seal the deal! Not to mention the fact that, in true Kate Spade spirit, it has a cute engraving encouraging us to "keep it together". Because we all need a little reminder once in a while...

Metallic File Folder


Poppin - Metallic File Folder.jpeg

A chic way to keep your documents organized? Yes, we found one of those, too. We love that this metallic Poppin file folder will look equally elegant on your desk or with your favourite office outfit. 

Crystal Bluetooth Speaker


Vivitar - Crystal Bluetooth Speaker.jpeg

Have you noticed that most of the bluetooth speakers on the market are either super masculine or super boring? Us too. We were pretty excited when we found this beauty! Vivitar's cheerful, modern, and airy speaker is definitely at the top of our wish list!

Brass Ruler


Appointed - Brass Ruler.png

This Appointed ruler might seem simple but thats what we love about it. A desk necessity here in the Lark & Ives studio, everyone needs a trusty ruler. A sturdy yet stylish addition to any desk, we're looking forward to how beautifully the brass will age!

Hedgehog Corkboard

Kate Spade

Kate Spade - Hedgehog Corkboard.jpeg

This little hedgehog may be the quirkiest item on this list but we couldn't help ourselves! How adorably glam would he look covered in Lark & Ives pins??

Leather Bound Journal


Anthropologie - Leather Bound Journal.jpeg

What's not to love about this journal? The unique shape combined with the tassels and metallic details give this minimal journal a little spice. Not to mention the fact that the inside cover is graced by a dainty metallic pattern. Perfection.

Jorda Tape Dispenser


Sibilia - Jorda Tape Dispenser.jpeg

The slightly organic shape of this tape dispenser is the perfect balance for some of the more structured accessories we love. The antique finish makes it look like it could be a one of a kind, flea market find!

Dot Grid Journal


Appointed - Dot Grid Journal Dove Gray.png

We're suckers for a dotted journal. It's gives us just the right amount structure while still allowing us our creative freedom. The Appointed Co. journals are wonderfully textured with a touch of gold. And, the covers are water resistant!

Special Brass Ballpoint Pen



A smooth, solid, yet graceful pen that makes a statement. A well built pen that you can refill for years! So, don't worry, you can get attached.

Wanderlust Push Pins

Lark & Ives

Lark and Ives Product Photos-12.jpg

Yes of course we included ourselves on this list! Don't you think your desk could use a little Lark & Ives sparkle?