Lark & Ives x Mapiful Giveaway

We're so, so excited to be pairing with Mapiful for this amazing giveaway! Mapiful is this awesome company based in Sweden that allows you to customize your own maps, printed in a beautiful and minimalist design. It's amazing - on their platform, you can zoom in, or adjust, or look for even the most remote cities, and design your own poster, and add a caption to it and make it yours. We love it so much that we had to print a couple of our own, for each place that was meaningful to us. It really does fill the gap for all the wonderful places in the world that designers don't create maps for. 

To join this awesome giveaway, follow us on Instagram as we have all our details there. Hurry, the giveaway ends in 48 hours, and winners will be receiving 1 of the 70x100cm maps and a set of our pins. So exciting! 

2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful Photos-27 copy.jpg