DIY Wooden Frame Hanger

We're dreaming of our next trip to New York (can't believe our last trip was 2009), but we're so happy that we could hang this map up with our favourite destinations pinned right on it. This fun little DIY is perfect for hanging Mapiful maps, which we LOVE. They're just beautiful and modern, and perfect for every home. In fact, check out the giveaway we're having with them, so you can get one + our pin sets to even personalize your wall art. 

2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-1.jpg


  • 4 20"Craft wood - cut to the width of your poster, available at Home Depot / local hardware store. 
  • Rare Earth magnets - or some strong magnet, these ones were crazy strong. 
  • Washer / coin - anything that the magnet can attach to. 
  • Super Glue
  • Lark & Ives Pins
  • String
  • 4 Eyelet Hooks
  • Felt (optional) 

Step 1: Measure

Measure with a Sharpie and a Ruler where you would like to place the magnets and the coins/washers. Make sure you test out where the coins would stick to the magnets, as we found that the magnets can tend to attract only on one side. 

2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-3.jpg
2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-2.jpg

Step 2: Glue

Attach the magnets and the washers on using the super glue, and let dry. 

2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-4.jpg

Step 3: Assemble

Attach the eyelet hooks by measuring the distance on both ends. You will need to attach 4 eyelet hooks (two on each piece of wood) on the top portion of the wooden hanger for balance.

Additional step: Glue on cut pieces of felt on top of the magnets to protect the artwork. Then, add the string through all four eyelets. 

2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-5.jpg
2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-6.jpg
2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-10.jpg
2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-7.jpg

Step 4: pin your fave spots!

Our favorite step! You may need your trusty phone to look up the spots on Google Maps, then align them onto your Mapiful Poster. Pin it on, and use the butterfly back clips in the back to hold the pin together. Better yet, add your polaroid photos on your poster for some extra love. 


2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-8.jpg
2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful Photos-4.jpg

Step 5: Hang it up!

Slip on the top and the bottom wood pieces, now attached by magnets. Hang it up on your wall and voila! :)

2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-14.jpg
2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-12.jpg
2017 Lark and Ives Mapiful DIY-15.jpg

We hope you enjoyed this little DIY, and show us your work! Would love to see how you use this DIY in your own home. :) Tag us on IG @larkandives and #larkandivesdiy